The Life of Euler

To date, no comprehensive biography of Euler exists in English. (For a list of what biographical resources are available, see our resources page.)

Nevertheless, several good short accounts of Euler’s life have been written. One of the best is this biography by John Glaus and Ron Calinger, published on the Swiss Society of Boston web page.

Additionally, The Euler Archive is fortunate to have available two lengthy eulogies of Euler published shortly after his death. Both were published originally in French, and both have been translated by John S. D. Glaus of the Euler Society. Glaus has kindly allowed the Euler Archive to publish his translations here.

Additional Information

  • Interactive Timeline summarazing some major events in Euler’s life
  • Image Gallery including portraits and other depictions
  • Euler’s Family Tree — children and grandchildren
  • Euler’s Disciples (Students) — eight scholars who worked closely alongside Euler