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A Short Introduction to the Euler Archive

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The Archive is centered around E-pages: individual webpages corresponding to (and containing information about) each work written by Leonhard Euler (all 866 of them!). Most pages also contain scanned copies of the original publications of these works. You can access the E-pages various ways:

List all of Euler’s works relating to a particular subject.
See Euler’s works arranged chronologically, either by date of presentation or publication.
Search Euler’s works by the original publication source (book or journal).
Index Number
Find Euler’s work by its Enestrom number the standard indexing system) or by other indices.

In addition to the E-pages,
there is more information about Leonhard Euler available on the Archive!

Historical Information
Here you can find lots of additional information about Leonhard Euler: biographical material, descriptions of places Euler lived and Academic Societies in which he did most of his work, and listings of many of his colleagues and contemporaries,
The Archive is gathering translations of Euler’s work to make it accessible in a variety of languages.
A (still-growing) collection of the letters written to and from Euler and his many colleagues and contemporaries.
Here we strive to provide a comprehensive list of books about Euler’s life and mathematics, descriptions of important journal articles, and internet links to other useful websites and organizations.

Please note that The Euler Archive is always under construction, as our resources and knowledge of Leonhard Euler keep growing! If you have any ideas, new information, corrections, or suggestions, please contact us!